Inner Range Integriti Licensing Change - Version 20

Licence simplification makes Integriti sophistication more accessible

We’re delighted to announce a major simplification of the licensing model for our intelligent access control and intruder detection system Integriti.

Partners and customers will be able to choose from four clearly defined software options that include sets of features, rather than needing licences for each feature individually. The new structure will have a dramatic effect on the way Integriti systems are designed and quoted, cutting down on the complexities and time needed as well as being cost-neutral.

A major part of the Integriti V20.0 release involved assessing and evaluating the full Integriti hardware and software licensing model. The primary focus was to simplify the story. The result is a condensed and lean license model that should be much easier to understand and explain, should remove many pitfalls from the old model and significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to produce a system quote. 

New Product Editions 

A major new change with Integriti is the introduction of two new Integriti product editions. Instead of having individual feature licenses for features such as Advanced Alerts or Photo ID, there are now software editions that include sets of features. 

The editions are designed so that it should be obvious which edition of the software is required for a job. However, upgrade options (like the existing Express to Professional Upgrade license) are available.

The four software options are:

Some highlights include: 

  • New Version 20 Licensing Model - There are now four editions available.  Express, Professional, Business and Corporate.  Each edition will now include many existing licenses for free.
  • Controller & Smart Card Changes - With V20 the requirement to add Smart Card level licenses to Integriti controllers has been removed.
  • SMA’s and Software Upgrades - New software packages provide up to 24 months of software upgrades free of charge.
  • Warranty - Inception and Integriti solutions manufactured after the 18thof May 2019 will receive a three-year warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Client Connection Licensing - Client fixed licences changed to floating licences.
  • Integrations - V20 brings improved integration’s, with additional features and benefits across a range of Integration options.  An exciting new integration has also been added with HID’s Origo Bluetooth mobile credentials portal.
  • Existing Sites - Level 4 licenses will be automatically issued to all smart cards

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