Pukeahu National War Memorial Park Case Study

Pukeahu National War Memorial Park & Hikvision Case Study

Protecting a national treasure using Hikvision's innovative security solutions

See how Hikvision worked with the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington New Zealand to help protect a national treasure through innovative security solutions for The Great War Exhibition.

The Great War Exhibition was generated late 2014 or early 2015 with the acknowledgement that the nation needed to acknowledge the Great War. So Sir Peter Jackson was pretty much involved with the development of the exhibition.

In a short space of time – something like 14 weeks – the Trust, through Sir Peter and the Ministry for Culture & Heritage, put the exhibition together. But because of the tight timeframe, there wasn’t a lot of pre-construction discussions, that you would normally expect through the architectural plans.

Therefore, many of the contractors and certainly security, were working together with the information they had at the time, but flexible enough that they had to change it when they needed to. The Executive Director of the exhibition at the time brought the Defence Force in because of the number of the weapons that is on site to ensure the security was as it should be.

There is an on-site security control room, which is staffed throughout the day and features a bank of flat screens that actually show all of the footage that’s collected from each of the cameras that are around the place. They have the capability of zooming in and doing whatever is required and is certainly fit for purpose. It meets all of their needs – now and into the future.

Managing Director of Hikvision Oceania, Daniel Huang, says "The New Zealand market is an integral part of Hikvision’s global business. It’s why we’re thrilled to be part of a security solution that helps protect a national treasure like the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park. And it’s proof positive that our products and services create secure environments for venues of such public significance."