Traffic Management from Auckland's Tallest Building

Auckland Transport - SkyTower - Hikvision 4K PTZs Case Study

Hikvision 4K PTZ Laser Cameras from SkyTower

Auckland Transport strives to achieve an effective and efficient transport system which is central to supporting Auckland’s future. They have recently partnered with Atlas Gentech & CSL Infrastructure to install new Hikvision 4K PTZ Laser Cameras at level 61 of SkyTower; giving a perfect birds eye view of Auckland City and surrounding areas.

Download a copy of Auckland Transport & Hikvision 4K PTZ Laser Cameras case study here.

Auckland’s Joint Transport Operations Centre (ATOC) plays a pivotal role in the management of Auckland city’s traffic. One of three centres in the country with this important task, it is the eyes and ears of the urban and highway ‘One Network’, monitoring a national total of 10,894km of state highways, as well as Auckland City’s roads. 

Once housed in the former Auckland Harbour Bridge administration building, ATOC is now housed up the road in a new, larger and much more hi-tech centre at Smales Farm, where more than 450 CCTV cameras relay live pictures of the network to the operations room, and sensors collect data on vehicles passing through hundreds of metering points. From here traffic signals throughout the city are monitored and controlled to optimise traffic flows for different times of the day. 

The Auckland network carries more than 8 per cent of the nation’s traffic over 140 structures, from small culverts to large bridges.

The Challenges 

As part of this upgrade, ATOC replaced existing last generation security cameras on level 61 of the SkyTower as per recommendations from their integrator CSL Infrastructure and alongside SkyTower’s contractors TRS. 

This would enable Auckland Transport to observe and monitor traffic around Auckland city. 

CSL Infrastructure also had to manufacture custom brackets to withstand the elements which included full wind tunnel testing up to a massive 165kph.

The Solution

ATOC Smales Farm are very impressed with the quality and performance of the cameras. They can view coverage with remote access from their centrally located operations centre at Smales Farm. 

Alongside SkyTower contractors TRS, CSL Infrastructure managed and coordinated the installation on behalf of ATOC Smales Farm. 

The cameras have proven to be a success with great feedback from ATOC Smales Farm and their operators:

  • Quality and performance - cameras can be adapted for various applications from Disaster Recovery, Traffic Management etc.
  • Can utilise the control centre should a disaster recovery occur such as king tides along Tamaki Drive.
  • ATOC Smales Farm also have joint partnerships across local entities; should an instance occur; ATOC will allow NZ Police to view and use the collective footage.
  • The Hikvision 4K Laser PTZ Cameras with 36x Zoom can be used with ATOC’s own Video Management Solution (VMS).
  • CSL Infrastructure (ATOC integrator) also manufactured custom brackets to withstand the elements which included full wind tunnel testing of up to 160kph.

Auckland Transport - SkyTower - Hikvision 4K PTZs Case Study


Auckland Transport

Auckland is home to a third of all New Zealanders. By 2030, almost 2 million people are expected to live in the city, compared to 3 million people living in the rest of New Zealand. Auckland’s Transport network is complex, handling the demands of freight, general road traffic, public transport, cycling and walking. To support these demands, investment is needed to maintain the existing network, to operate the network more efficiently and for building new infrastructure. 

Partnerships are central to providing the best transport solutions. One of the Transport Agency’s goals is to integrate one network with KiwiRail and Auckland Transport for customers, connecting them seamlessly to their destinations, regardless of whether they are walking, cycling, driving, or using public transport. 

With customers at the forefront of transport investors’ thinking, Auckland’s approach to transport planning is to provide more integrated connectivity, both at an inter-regional and local level.

CSI Infrastructure

CSI Infrastructure look after all of Auckland Transport’s ITS field devices across central, west and north Auckland, and they enjoy a collaborative approach to innovation and new technology which brings the best for Auckland Transport and public.