Inner Range Integriti

Inner Range Integriti

  • Integriti Licence V21

    Integriti Licence V21
  • Smart Card Licensing

    Controller + Smart Card Changes Multiple changes are also being made around Controllers and their smart cards. Almost all licenses are being removed, but some will remain. With this in mind, as with the Integriti Access Controller, smart cards will now be included with Integriti Security Controllers. Smart Card Level Licenses Removed The major change with Controllers is that Controller Level licenses are being removed. From V20.0 firmware onwards, controllers will all support maximum expansion capacity of 250 doors, 100,000 users, 3,000 inputs and 100,000 events. Smart Card Included Features Several features are no longer licenses and will be included with V20.0 firmware. Specifically: • Integriti Mobile App Connections • Virtual Modules • C-Bus Lighting • Wireless Doors • Locker Banks Specialist Smart Card Licenses High-Security Fence Integration and Honeywell Fire Integration licenses remain, however they have been improved to no longer be quantity-based per virtual module. Instead, a once-off price unlocks the integration and as many virtual modules can be created as necessary.

    Smart Card Licensing
  • Integriti Controllers & Modules

    Integriti Controllers & Modules
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    LAN Modules
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    UniBus Modules
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    Access Control
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    Miscellaneous Equipment