Inner Range Inception Web Enabled Security Controller

Inner Range Inception Web Enabled Security Controller
The 2017 multi-award winning Inception capacity has been increased to support: 512 Zones, 128 Doors, 10,000 Users and 256 Readers.


Vendor Part No: 996300AU

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The Inception Controller is the heart of the Inception system. The controller is a powerful security system that brings together Intruder Detection, Access Control and Automation into one easy to use web based hardware solution.

With Inception, there is no need to install software on a computer, no need to leave a computer on site and no issues with software/firmware compatibility. Instead, the installation process is as simple as powering up the controller, connecting the network cable (or use the optional Wi-Fi adapter) and using any web browser to navigate to Inception's web page. Here you will find everything you need to set-up, commission and operate the entire system. End users can conveniently use any existing computer, tablet or smartphone to control their Inception system via the fully featured user interface.

Key Features

  • USB and ethernet ports
  • Tamper input
  • LED indicators
  • 4 universal relay outputs
  • SkyTunnel web interface
  • 8 universal inputs
  • RS-485 LAN expansion port
  • Backup battery connection
  • SIFER reader RS-485 port
Optional Extras

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