Tauranga City Council guards picturesque Tauranga with Hikvision’s IP Video Surveillance Solution

Nutech & Tauranga City Council CCTV Case Study - Hikvision IP Video Surveillance


Tauranga City Council operates the Tauranga Transport Operations Centre (TTOC) from a purpose built facility within the Tauranga CBD. Through a partnership agreement with the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and various surrounding District Councils, it has created and maintained a safe and efficient transport network. The Hikvision IP Video Surveillance solution is the essential component in delivering this outcome.

Download a PDF of the Tauranga City Council IP Video Surveillance Solution here

Nutech & Tauranga City Council CCTV Case Study - Hikvision IP Video Surveillance Photos


    • Real Time Monitoring
      The TTOC is currently deploying Hikvision’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system and the results have been well received by local Police. This system will assist in the crime prevention role that the TTOC also plays within the City. Having the new Hikvision Darkfighter technology in the camera allows the Operators to see colour in very low light situations. This enables them to direct Police to specific offenders wearing coloured clothing making faster and more accurate arrests. When all lights fail, having the adaptive in built infrared camera lighting allows the Operators to continue to provide quality surveillance to detect and deter. The backend NVR units are also a highlight of the system.
    • Collective Evidence
      With huge capacity from multiple hard drive bays TTOC is able to retain months of real-time video footage. The NVR platform is mature and stable and does not suffer from the need to constantly patch or upgrade the operating system. This saves time and money while keeping the IT Engineers happy. 
    • Video Management System
      The iVMS 5200P Video Management System (VMS) has proved to be a stable and feature-rich addition to the system, allowing playback of video footage and forensic video analysis to be fast and accurate. Video download and archiving is also quick and the on-the-fly conversion and merging tools are great.
    • Video Wall Display
      TTOC uses the Hikvision DS-9600 series video wall controllers to display countless quality images on a series of 55” FHD monitors that make up the video wall. These controllers provide hundreds of quality images at real time frame rates and have been a cost effective addition to the system. Fast and reliable, along with video wall software client with great functionality completes a well-engineered, reliable Video Management System. 

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After trialling many suppliers for CCTV cameras & Video Management System (VMS) offerings, the TTOC Engineers chose Hikvision as the provider with the most advanced & cost effective cameras and VMS. Image quality is superb as is their low light performance. Reliability is an important attribute when cameras are located in hard to reach places along the State Highways. 

TTOC has found the Hikvision cameras to be very reliable with the PTZ design requiring less cleaning and maintenance compared with other brands they have used in the past. 

Device Models Used:


Nutech Security and Tauranga City Council (TCC) have been in a working relationship for over 10 years. TCC’s commitment to move with the times and keep up with the progression in technology has allowed them to always have the latest CCTV Systems, and as a result, they’re currently running the latest cutting-edge Hikvision iVMS-5200 software.

Nutech Security has installed a multitude of CCTV equipment for TCC throughout this period and nothing has performed as well as the Hikvision equipment especially in the coastal locations, and having the added advantage of cleaning the camera lenses in these areas from their purpose built facility in Tauranga CBD, has proven to be invaluable.

TCC are currently trialling Hikvision ANPR cameras the feedback we’ve received on the performance of these cameras and the iVMS-5200 software has been extremely positive.

Nutech Security pride themselves on protecting people, property and lifestyle, and because TCC and local Police share the same values together with the advances in the Hikvision CCTV technology we’re able to provide those services to our community on a greater scale.

    • Tauranga City Council Team

      Tauranga City Council Team (left-to-right): Richard Eaton, Hayley Rapana, Mark Hollows and James Wickham

    • Tauranga City Council & Nutech Teams

      Richard Eaton from Tauranga City Council and Nathan Hunt from Nutech Security