Inner Range Integriti Access Controller (IAC) - Large Cabinet with 3A PSU

Inner Range Integriti Access Controller (IAC) - Large Cabinet with 3A PSU
IAC controller in large cabinet with 3A PSU

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The Integriti Access Controller (IAC) is an IP based master controller for the Integriti modular hardware system. The Integriti Access Controller can be used:

  • To control and monitor up to 8 Doors or Lift cars on the Integriti RS-485 LAN)
  • Supports two doors/four wiegand and 16 RS485 SIFER readers and is expandable up to eight doors/ eight wiegand readers with the simple addition of 2 Door expander boards via the UniBus in-cabinet expansion interface
  • Equipped with an Ethernet Port, the IAC can be used both stand alone or expanded further via its UniBus and RS-485 Sub-LAN ports
  • Flexible, modular design of the IAC’s system parameters and Sub-LAN architecture allows a single standalone controller to be expanded to form a network of RS-485 expansion modules of up to 100,000 Users, 512 Zone Inputs, 250 Areas/ Zone Partitions and up to 80 card readers and 40 Doors

Integriti’s multi-controller architecture allows any number of IAC’s and or ISCs to be combined within the Integriti software package to form a globally managed small, medium or enterprise sized system where the entire network of controllers is managed as a whole. This architecture allows for an infinite number of Readers, Doors, Areas, Zone Inputs and Outputs.

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