Paradox EVOHD Control Panel - PCB only

Paradox EVOHD Control Panel - PCB only
An 8 to 192 zone system and provides flexible zone assignment so any detector assigned to any zone regardless of the physical location of the connection.
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Vendor Part No: EVOHD-E9R

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EVOHD is an enhanced version of the EVO192, it is the core of the Insight system, with support of the HD77. It provides faster and more reliable dialer over VOIP lines at 1,200 baud and large power supply of 3.5A with fast adaptive battery charging. By using a 75VA transformer, up to 2A of power can be used at the auxiliary output and a 7AH battery will be charged in few hours.

The control panel's redundant communication methods generate reports to the Central Monitoring System (CMS) over IP, GSM, GPRS, landline or any combination.

Designed for easy installation and expansion of additional products, the EVOHD can support up to 254 security devices and 192 zones. The control panel's flexible zone assignment allows any detector to be assigned to any zone regardless of the physical location of the connection.

Key features:

  • Faster - dialer over VOIP lines at 1200 baud
  • Efficient battery charging - up to 1.5A
  • Power supply
  • 2.5A switching
  • 2A power available for modules/devices (requires a 75VA transformer)
  • Digital bus
  • Provides continuous power, management and two-way communication between control panel and modules
  • Efficient and effective use of zone deployment
  • Integrated tamper reporting of EVOHD connected devices without additional wiring
  • PGM configuration
  • 4 on-board, solid-state PGMs (2-4)
  • 1 on-board 5A relay PGM
  • PGM1 may be used as a 2-wire smoke input


Paradox Insight™ App

Paradox Insight application gives you full control of your house monitoring and access as well as privacy options. Have the control in your own hands!

Paradox Insight™

The first and only integrated solution of HD video/audio monitoring with superior security capabilities that allows users to see and hear what is going on and protect their home or business anytime, anywhere right from their smartphone.

TV3 Tech Bytes featuring Paradox Insight

Emma Brannam from TV3 Tech Bytes reviews the new Paradox Insight Security System that lets you check in on your home using a smartphone app, including HD video live streaming, recording on demand and differing privacy levels.



Product Sheets:

Paradox Insight App:

Introducing Paradox Insight™. It’s all the app you need to monitor and control what’s going on in your home or business while you’re on-the-go, directly from your iPhone. Now you can access unlimited live HD video and audio streaming anywhere, anytime and make informed decisions in real time. Or you may just want to check in on your loved ones while you’re away from home. 

Equipped with an advanced HD video camera, you can see and hear events as they happen, day or night. The Paradox Insight™ app lets you access HD Video on Demand (VOD), Record on Demand (ROD) or Record on Motion (ROM). When an alarm is triggered, the HD camera provides instant video verification, sending you and our Central Monitoring System (CMS) instant alerts. View events in progress and respond accordingly by contacting the police, first responders, or anyone on your iPhone contact list.

Key features:

  • Access up to 4 HD77 PIR cameras; view streaming video, including HD video and audio
  • Secure multiple locations controlled in a single system
  • Manage entire system from your mobile device, including arm/disarm, user permissions, and media files
  • Receive/respond to alerts; contact police, fire dept., or Central Monitoring System (CMS) using the panic button in the app, or call anyone on your phone’s contact list 
  • Define/protect user privacy
  • Build a network of up to 8 people you trust to receive alerts

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Access Control Option Access Control Options
Keypad Type No
Kits Wireless options Wireless Optional
Onboard Zones / Max Zones 8 to 192
Pet Friendly No
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