Sennheiser Presence Bluetooth UC Headset with BT Dongle for Mobile & Office

Sennheiser Presence Bluetooth UC Headset with BT Dongle for Mobile & Office
Premium Bluetooth UC Headset for Mobile and Office applications. Includes BTD 800 dongle for joint pairing to mobile plus PC or USB deskphone
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PRESENCE™ is a series of premium Bluetooth® headsets for mobile professionals demanding consistently clear communication for themselves and their listeners around the office, in the car and outdoors.

PRESENCE™ UC is for the mobile Unified Communications professionals, who require a consistently excellent communication solution around the office, in the car and outdoors. (Including carry case and USB dongle).

SpeakFocus™ technology focuses on your voice to deliver crystal clear sound, making it easy for listeners to hear what you’re saying – even in noisy office environments. Taking calls while driving must cause as little disruption as possible – after all, your main focus should be on the road. With SpeakFocus™ technology, you don’t have to shout or repeat yourself to get through clearly to your listener, they get crystal clear sound – even over road and traffic noise.

WindSafe™ technology reduces wind noise to ensure the clearest possible sound is sent to your listener – and that your answers aren’t left blowing in the wind.

PRESENCE™ is designed to maximize your productivity in and around the office. With its optional headband wearing style and charger stand, you can swiftly put it on for calls and replace it in your charger when finished. Seamlessly switch between softphone and mobile calls, effectively combining your in-office headset and your mobile headset.


  • Maximized UC performance
  • Extended talk time
  • On/Off Power Slide
  • Best in class adaptable sound
  • Hearing protection
  • Ultimate speech intelligibility


PRESENCE is Sennheiser’s range of premium business headsets for mobile professionals. Aiming at designing the ultimate headset, Sennheiser unites quality materials, wearability, a slim design & the best possible sound quality in its range of PRESENCE premium business headsets. PRESENCE adapts to all sound environments & lets you communicate effectively wherever you are working.

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