Sherlo TX4 4 Button Remote

Sherlo TX4 4 Button Remote
Utilizing secure code-hopping encryption

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Vendor Part No: Tx4

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Key features:

  • Utilizing secure code-hopping encryption
  • Unique antenna design incorporating the keyring thus increases operating range by 50%
  • Crystal frequency controlled within +/- 100KHz
  • Frequencies available are 403.55MHz and 433.92MHz
  • 12v battery operation - GP23A alkaline cell
  • Typically 2 years battery life expected under normal use
  • LED flashes when there is a low battery condition
  • Rubber buttons are easy to press and click positively
  • The housing is moulded in nylon for improved durability
  • Remotes can be used for gate and garage door access control, panic activation, arming/disarming alarm systems, switching on/off security lighting and machinery control


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