Inner Range 10 Way Ribbon Cable for 2 Amp PSU

Inner Range 10 Way Ribbon Cable for 2 Amp PSU
Ribbon cable for power supply unit

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Vendor Part No: 993034

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Specifically designed and tested for compatibility with proximity type reader heads, the 2A Power Supply can be used wherever battery backed 12V power supplies are required to power Concept modules, detectors, readers and auxiliary devices such as strobes, sounders, locks, etc. To allow for redundancy requirements, the outputs of two of these modules can be connected in parallel to provide uninterrupted backup (Alternatively this configuration can provide a 4A supply source if used with two of the 2.5A In-line Plug Packs). The 2A Power Supply is factory fitted to the powered low profile enclosures or supplied as a PCB module.


  • Reliable and stable
  • Small form factor
  • Fused AC input and battery protection (4A)
  • LED indication of output present, AC fail and
  • reverse battery polarity
  • Can be ganged with a second 2A P/S to provide a 4A
  • or dual-redundant power source
  • Can be set to a 1A current limit
  • Ribbon cable output for devices, such as Mini Expander


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