The Value of Partnering with a Local Specialist and a Global Powerhouse

Value of Partnering with Atlas Gentech & Huawei Enterprise

In 2014 Atlas Gentech and Huawei New Zealand introduced the Huawei Enterprise Business Group to the New Zealand ICT market. This partnership, between a New Zealand Specialist Distributor and a Global Powerhouseformed the platform that would unleash one of the most disruptive market forces ever seen. In less than one year, that partnership of two organisations has grown exponentially to now include over 80 New Zealand businesses that have joined this partnership.

Atlas Gentech and Huawei are proud to invite you to join this partnership. As a member of this partnership you will understand it is one of implicit trust. A trust that gives you supreme confidence that you and your business have partners you can rely on, partners who define your success as their own.

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Partnering with Atlas Gentech & Huawei Enterprise