Hikvision DS-KH6310-WL 7 Inch Touch Screen Indoor Station

Hikvision DS-KH6310-WL 7 Inch Touch Screen Indoor Station
Indoor Monitor with touch screen

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There’s something special about seeing the person you are speaking to. When we need a way to talk to others, but with more options and more capabilities, the usual intercom system just isn’t enough. Today’s technology has the capacity to make electronically mediated interaction more human and more personal than ever.



The Hikvision DS-KH6310-W(L) is a 7" indoor monitor with the touch screen.


  • Video intercom function
  • Remote unlocking function
  • Resident-to-resident audio call
  • Live view of HD video
  • Voice message function
  • Auto-respond and no disturbing mode
  • Noise suppression and echo cancellation
  • 2-ch zone alarm and SOS calling function
  • Community notice
  • Convenient installation with the bracket, batch setting, and power over video/audio distributor (DS-KAD606, DS-KAD612)
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