Aotea Security WINS the 2016 Hikvision Flying 5000 Go Karts

Flying 5000 Hikvision Go Karts 2016 - Christchurch

The Annual Flying 5000 sponsored by Hikvision was held on 16 November 2016 at Supa Karts Indoor Raceway in Christchurch. The defending champions, Advanced Security, were very confident going into the event but there were a lot of teams either out for revenge from last year or teams that wanted to get their names on the trophy for the first time. 

Atlas Gentech security account manager Brent Stokes says “the Flying 5000 has been around for 17 years which I have been a part of for the last 15 years. It’s all about everyone coming along and having some fun with friends and competitors alike. It’s also a great chance to showcase your driving talents, being enthusiastic to fellow team mates/companies and having a great time.” 


  • First place went to Aotea Security who came back after third place last year so great effort by these guys to sustain the pressure of the racers chasing hard behind them 
  • Close in second was a team that was formed by a number of racers from 3 separate companies which I called the All Stars team - although most of them had actually worked with each other in earlier times
  • Third place was Alarm Solutions, they were leading for most of the race but just fell short at the finish line and due to a penalty within the last few laps that gave away second place, these guys had a great effort and were trying to get their name on the trophy since 2001  

Thank you to Mark Underwood from Hikvision and we managed to get him into a team. He found out very quickly that there was no mercy shown to him even though Hikvision were our sponsor. Fortunately for him the back of his seat stopped the front of the car behind him.

Special mention also has to go out to our ladies that raced; we had 3 in the field and after speaking to them they really enjoyed themselves and had a great time. They are keen to come back next year. 

The Christchurch team from Atlas Gentech would like to thank Hikvision and all the racers & their supporters, and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Flying 5000 Hikvision Go Karts 2016 - Winners